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U++ download

Quick overview


Operating system


Nightly builds

Stable releases






MS Windows


win32 installer

win32 installer



PPA, deb, dsc (install theide_*.deb and upp_*_all.deb)

PPA, deb, dsc (install theide_*.deb and upp_*_all.deb)





Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSUSE






Arch Linux


    * unofficial mirror


Source code


Public SVN mirror is hosted by Google Code at The mirror is at most 1 hour behind the developers SVN repository. If you want to accelerate U++ development, use this and report bugs in our forum!


For Gentoo users, an ebuild using subversion checkout is under construction. Have a look at the corresponding forum thread if you are interested.


Arch Linux users can download source packages in AUR and build them using makepkg tool. Alternatively yaourt (or some other AUR-aware pacman frontend) allows to download, build and install the packages automatically.



Nightly builds


Every night there is automatic release published topic://uppweb/www/nightly$en-us. Here you can find windows installer (upp-win32-NNNN.exe) and source tarball (upp-x11-src-NNNN.tar.gz).


If you are using Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution, you can find deb packages (and also dsc source packages) of nightly builds at Launchpad PPA Recommended way is to add the archive to your sources and install package "upp" using your favorite package manager (e.g. apt-get, aptitude, ...). This will also install Ultimate++ sources, TheIDE and all necessary dependencies. In case you are not familiar with installing software from PPA, you can follow this step-by-step guide.


Debian users can use add a U++ repository by following the simple instructions in this README file. This repository contains packages for i386 and amd64 architectures on the stable, testing and unstable releases of Debian.


Note that latest builds are generally considered the most stable. That means that nightly builds are usually more stable than stable releases, because bugfixes are not backported to stable releases.



Stable releases


Stable releases are published at You can download them at In addition to Windows installer and source tarballs, you can also find here rpm packages for Fedora, Mandriva and OpenSUSE.


For Ubuntu users who doesn't want to update every day from nightly PPA, there is stable releases PPA, To install Ultimate++ from this archive, use the same procedure as described for nightly builds, just drop the "-nightly" suffix.


Debian users who prefer to use only the stable repository should follow this README file, which is very similar to the nightly version. Again, the stable repository contains packages for i386 and amd64 architectures on the stable, testing and unstable releases of Debian.





You do not have to pay anything for Ultimate++, even if you are going to use it for development of commercial applications. However, if you like this platform, please consider donating; even small contributions will help fund its continued development.


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